Services Provided by the Ethiopian Health Support Association

The Ethiopian Health Support Association provides health and health related services on mental, physical and Sexually Transmitted Diseases to the Ethiopian refuges and asylum seekers living in the UK. The services are provided to destitute people who have problems and difficulties in accessing the existing health services. The organization provides the services by taking into account the community’s cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

 Some of the services we offer are the following

¨       Counseling and advice

¨       advocacy: representing clients when they have difficulty in accessing the available health services

¨       Interpretation and translation services

¨       Producing and distributing information on health issues using leaflets, flyers, posters, radio, and TV in Amharic (community language)

¨       Home, health centre and hospital visits to isolated or unwell community members and discharged patients

¨       Outreach services to provide health information at restaurants, groceries, hair dressing salons and community organizations

¨       Organizing seminars and events

¨       facilitate the integration of members of the Ethiopian community into the host society

Our dedicated staff and volunteers will discuss on your health and health related issues confidentially in a pleasant environment. 

 Call us now on:  020 7419 1972 FAX: 020 7691 2385


Web site:

 Ethiopian Health Support Association

Priory House, Kingsgate Place, London NW6 4TA

Contact Persons:

Kefale Alemu, coordinator

Haile Bezuayehu, Health Development Worker